We’re dreaming of a bright Christmas…

Eileen Connolly


Spanning traditional to contemporary and every concept in between we’re just back from Christmas World 2020 in Frankfurt – a global homage to the festive season. So, what did we learn from this year’s event when it comes to maximising footfall, dwell time and spend within our centres?

Trends come and go but the fundamental rule remains – to surprise and delight customers of all ages.

So, what does Christmas 2020 have in store? A magic mixture of colour, light and animation combined with unique Instagramable moments to share. If there is a new colour to look out for it has to be pink – which may prove challenging in some traditional Christmas settings. If you are looking for a new festive bird the must-haves include the regal swan and opulent owls.

Many designs at ChristmasWorld push the boundaries of traditional decorations, so stimulate inspiration and innovation – especially for the retail environment. This is the anticipation that attracts a world-wide audience to see just what can be done to create a wonderful festive feeling for children and adults alike.

Design and tech firms are working hard to harness real time experiences to ensure shoppers will physically interact with Christmas in store, on the High Street and shopping centres, rather than the sterile atmosphere of on-line purchasing.

The industry is embracing sustainable materials with decorations made in natural products, plenty of recycling options and LED lights to reassure customers that Christmas is not just plastic and disposable.

Given the importance of Christmas to retail and leisure trading performance, investment in the festive season is still needed to ensure we create an environment that excites and promotes sales and footfall.

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