The mystery of marketing to Millennials

Sam Moore


Perhaps one of the most interesting generations to date, Millennials – AKA ‘Generation Y’ grew up during a period of rapid technological advancement, which, among other influences has resulted in a massive impact in the way they shop and make purchasing decisions.

Said to be the most educated generation to date, individuals born between 1984 – 1996 account for trillions in revenue worldwide, making 54% of their purchases online. Researchers by nature, they aren’t easily swayed by traditional marketing methods – salesy TV ads promising the world on a stick raise more cynicism than with their older counterparts, who tend to take more on face value. 

Instead, they place more importance on the views of their peers and the people that they admire than they do on corporate content. So just how do businesses break into the sceptical millennial mind? 

The answer is pretty simple really. At AL Marketing, we have always been in favour of the ‘girl next door’ approach and nothing seems more apt than with generation Y. Adopting a human persona for our brands allows us to build relationships with our consumers, to become influencers and be influenced by them, as well as emerging trends.

Since those born at the early end of the millennial date range are said to have an ‘analogue childhood’ and a ‘digital adulthood’, creating exciting experiences and real person interactions are a key means of converting millennials usually swayed by the convenience of online. 

Their attention span of just eight seconds and their preference for individuality and the unique means that communications need to follow a novel approach while portraying an honest and respectful brand with a great deal of integrity.

So just why is it so important to get the relationship right with this demographic?

By 2025 they’ll account for 75% of the global workforce.

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