The Best of the 2023 Christmas TV Ads

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We live and breathe creative advertising here at AL Marketing and so we asked our team what their favourite Christmas Advert of 2023 is so far! 

  • Alan Thornton, Managing Director, said ”Amazon is a stand out compared to the others with a genuinely different slant on Christmas, and with real sentiment. I also liked the thinking behind the Marks and Spencer ad which rebels against Christmas traditions.” 
  • Kaan Gulerdogan, Social Media Account Executive, said ”Aldi UK was great; choosing to theme the ad on a beloved children’s film gives you the feeling of being a kid again and experiencing the wonder of Christmas like we used to when we were young.” 
  • Megan Keighley, Junior Graphic Designer, said ”Aldi UK was my favourite, I liked that it had a strong storyline that adults and kids alike can relate to and understand. Their use of ‘Kevin the Carrot’ and the characters they’ve created around him is very on-brand”. 
  • Nick Page, Senior Creative Artworker, said ”Morrisons was my favourite, a single amusing idea well executed and with no sentimentality forced at the viewer”. 
  • Samuel Moore, Account Director, said ”I felt Amazon’s sentiment was great, the use of the logo was great and the power of zero dialogue was also great. My honourable mentions are also Asda as I thought Michael Buble delivered a light-hearted and humorous ad. I also liked Sports Direct as I thought it was good to see an ad trying to inspire younger generations filled with a mix of sports personalities, something that’s not well noted over the Christmas period”. 
  • Tayla Hawkes, Social Media Account Executive, said ”The ad for Amazon this year really tugged at my heartstrings! I thought it perfectly depicted the nature of shopping on Amazon and was very cleverly executed”. 
  • Damian Smith, Creative Director, said ”Have to go with Amazon too. It’s the ad that John Lewis & Partners will wish they did. Although the John Lewis one is excellent too, it suffers from not reaching their own high emotional bar.” 
  • Emily Hill, Account Manager, said ”Amazon for the heartfelt ad, TK MAXX for humour, Aldi UK for storyline”. 
  • Kayleigh Bates, Account Executive, said ”Absolutely loved Amazon this year, definitely bought a tear to my eye and made me think of my own grandparents who I think would love the chance to go sledging again” 

So, there we have it! Interestingly none of us went for the John Lewis ad, which has become a stand-out Christmas tradition in itself over the last decade. Overall, it seems the Amazon Christmas Advert 2023 was a favourite among our team with Aldi UK coming in at a close second. 

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