The creative challenge of reassuring hesitant customers

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Creativity & Production

The pandemic has understandably led shoppers to become hesitant about revisiting indoor spaces and therefore it has been imperative to rebuild customer confidence. Here at AL we have been working hard to create reassuring and focused campaigns for our clients.   

Insight shows that shoppers feel their safest in their home – which provided the basis for Woking Shopping’s latest campaign. Our creative challenge was to convey to shoppers that they could feel just as safe shopping in our centres as shopping from their couch. The campaign needed to reinstall customer confidence, while raising awareness that Woking Shopping was back in business.   

So how did we achieve this brief? The word ‘OK’ became the centre of all creative that went out, providing a clear, focused and assuring message that is was safe to shop at Woking again. Very targeted messages emphasised specific benefits for shoppers heading to the centre, from grabbing a coffee to treating the kids – all things that couldn’t have easily been done while in lockdown. Additionally, the clouds and the bold pink writing of OK! combined to produce a design which was fun, bright and engaging to attract all audiences around the community in Woking.

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