Giving in to temptation at Arena Mall

Arena Mall, Budapest

Creativity & Production

As the biggest and most prestigious retail destination in Hungary, Arena Mall always needs to lead the way. So for this year’s Christmas campaign we decided to take the client in a new/old direction. One that tapped into history, religion, temptation, art and the nativity itself.

The campaign presents an alternative nativity scene and invites customers to behold the gospel and witness the birth of style (rather than Jesus). A recreation of classical paintings was formed using modern fashions, top models and a seductive, tempting attitude that gently undermined the usually off limits sanctity of  the Christmas’ religious message.

Shot by renowned Hungarian fashion photographer Istvan Labady, the campaign lives not only on Out Of Home advertising across Budapest but also heavily in the digital realm, through social media, digital advertising and Youtube, in the form of a series of videos that bring the campaign alive.

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