Christmas blooms in Sutton Coldfield

The Gracechurch Centre

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Following the loss of a number of significant retail names in 2019, our aim for Christmas was to stem the fall in footfall, encourage repeat visits and encourage a longer term, more positive view of the centre.


Building on our ‘Bloom’ pillar, we were inspired to create a number of floral themed activities as well as implementing an incentivised loyalty scheme to promote repeat visits throughout the Christmas period.


The centre enjoyed increased footfall on each event day, with +7.1% the highest recorded.

15% of all loyalty scheme competition entries had attended all three events.

Customer feedback included…

“Really enjoyed this workshop and taught myself a new skill. Came into town by myself, nice to chat to others for the morning!”

‘’Wife and children took part, great Saturday activity to break up all of our Christmas shopping! Nice staff who took the time to explain and not rush. Would come back in the future.”

‘’Saw this as we were passing and the lovely Jess asked if we’d like to join, different day out to just shopping!’’

Charlotte: “It was so much fun and I learned a new skill. I work at Swarovski and this was a great activity for my mindfulness especially in the busy periods of work, this activity helped me to relax.”

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