Celebrating social media strategy success

The Galleries Shopping Centre

Digital & Social Media


When we took over the management of The Galleries social media accounts, our objectives were clear.  Faced with the presence of a much larger, contemporary scheme, right on the centre’s doorstep, portraying The Galleries as an equally relevant shopping destination and building brand awareness of this forgotten gem became key priorities. Obvious KPI’s such as audience growth, reach and engagement were all key measurables.


Utilising retailer sourced and original imagery to showcase the brand and product offer, we jumped on local and trending hashtags, used emojis and ‘feelings’ to give the accounts a more human feel and increased the use of video content. We ‘upped the game’ when it came to the quality of content – only selecting imagery that portrayed a stylish and aspirational that was embedded in Bristol life.


On Facebook we set out to achieve a 25% increase in organic reach, instead achieving a massive 753% above target.

We aimed to increase engaged users by 25% but we actually achieved this seven times over!

We wanted to increase our Facebook fan base by 25% but actually achieved 28%.

On Twitter we aimed to increase organic impressions by 10% and actually increased them by 130%.

We wanted to increase average post engagements by 25% and actually increased them by 200%.

On Instagram we set out to increase monthly impressions by 5% and actually increased them by 9%. We aimed to increase our Instagram followers by 400%, instead increasing them by a whopping 500%.





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