Bringing the Mammut brand to life for Christmas

Mammut, Budapest

Creativity & Production


Mammut Shopping Centre in Budapest wanted to inject more emotion into its brand for Christmas. In a highly competitive environment there was a need to generate more stand-out in the market and revive the long-established Mammut brand.


Over recent years we have developed a two-dimensional character to articulate key messages for the centre. For Christmas 2023 we took this to the next level by creating a fully animated three-dimensional characterisation of our little icon. With limited budgets, a particular challenge was to ensure we delivered an animated character that could be credible and full of personality when set within a story made up of pre-existing stock imagery. The animation was also developed in such a way that it could be re-articulated in subsequent campaigns during 2024, thus avoiding significant ongoing costs.

The campaign launches this week across Hungary.

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