Boosting Digital Engagement Through Motion Graphics for Black Friday

Mammut, Budapest

Digital & Social Media


Mammut Shopping Centre in Budapest were looking for creative ways to boost digital engagement for their Black Friday campaign and were seeking an innovative and unique creative execution which would set them apart from other Centres.


We developed and produced both static and motion graphic adverts to promote Black Friday using the Mammut logo character in a charming and playful way to engage the audience. The motion graphic story concept was playful and dynamic, setting Mammut’s campaign apart from its competitors more traditional discount led approach advertising.

The motion graphic also incorporated the use of music to help bring a dynamic element to the animation.


We developed multiple social media advertising formats for Mammut to support them with their digital media campaign which ran across the Centre’s social media channels and various digital advertising platforms.

The campaign was a big success, achieving over 766k impressions online, with an average CTR of 2.8%.

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