A New Brand Identity for Prince Bishops, Durham

Prince Bishops Place, Durham

Creativity & Production


To create a new and contemporary brand and website for Prince Bishops Shopping Centre in Durham. To aid in repositioning the scheme as a local, experience-led destination and an integral part of the ‘Durham Day Out’


AL Marketing created an updated a new identity logo, refreshing and simplifying the Prince Bishops Cross and combining it with a modern font, luxurious textures and colour palette. Prince Bishops Shopping Centre became Prince Bishops Place to allow the scheme to position itself as more as than just a place to shop, but also a part of the wider Durham city experience.

The new brand was rolled out across new leasing documentation and centre signage. A brand new website was also developed creating a user friendly and appealing information hub allowing Prince Bishops Place to promote their brand new offer.


The re-branding of Prince Bishops Place has led customers to re-think their view of the destination. The new identity of the scheme has been received positively and fulfilled the purpose of repositioning for potential occupiers, shoppers and visitors to Durham.


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