Maxing out on Instagramable moments

Zoë Enever


Our social culture has undergone quite a revolution with the rise of the smart phone, resulting in the posting of millions of selfies on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat every day. Did you know that women aged 18 to 25 spend an average of five hours a week taking selfies and post an average of three per day! But why?


Ultimately it comes down to the desire to seek and convey approval – whether the selfie serves as a means of portraying happiness, showcasing physical beauty or enhancing self-esteem. The benefits to a brand through user-generated ‘selfie-marketing’ are endless. From increased brand awareness to proactive participation in brand activities and selfie-driven campaigns. And they’re often easier than you think.


When it comes to our clients, we’ve been exploiting the selfie culture with the implementation of a number of semi-permanent Instagramable installations that offer customers the opportunity to achieve their moment in the online limelight. With the trend showing no sign of subsiding, there will be more like these to come in 2020.



Floral Elephant at The Brunswick


Grass Rhinos at Woking Shopping


Floral phone box at Shrewsbury Shopping Centres


Grass Animals at Vicar Lane 

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