Maintaining and building consumer loyalty through the Covid-19 crisis

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As we live through an extraordinary episode it’s clear our way of life is to be disrupted and, perhaps, changed for good.

Overnight our priorities have been turned upside down and whilst the wellbeing of family, friends and colleagues is paramount, we have a responsibility to apply our experience and skills to create new and innovative methods of relevant and worthwhile communication on behalf of our clients.

The AL team are working remotely with colleagues and clients across the UK and Europe, offering creative and communication support for centres which may be open, partially open, closing or closed. We are supporting tenants and shopping centres with words, images and messages that are informative and well thought-through, striking the right tone against the background of the Covid-19 outbreak. 

Support for key workers, NHS, first responders and those working in essential sectors is at the heart of any communication. Finding ways to help support struggling tenants is also central to our approach. 

We are creating socially inclusive activities to engage and inform our online communities and the wider consumer audience that depends on shopping centres and town centres for accurate information and advice.

Now, more than ever, it’s vital to ensure that social media and website communication continues to play a relevant role, appropriate to the current circumstances. We are devising a range of social media and digital activations that engage families, offer parents resources for kids’ activities and also developing initiatives that look forward to when we emerge from the current restrictions. Positioning for recovery and plans to re-establish physical contact are going to be key to occupiers and landlords in the coming months.

With careful handling, we believe that it should be possible to maintain, and even build, customer loyalty. There is evidence of other crisis management situations actually improving shopper perceptions of the brand so that when things eventually return to normal, customers emerge even more loyal than they were before. 

Over the coming weeks, we will be working pro-actively with landlords and managing agents to fully prepare for how the centre can emerge positively at the end of the crisis, developing a viable ‘relaunch’ strategy and practical marketing ideas that can be ready for action as soon as lockdown is lifted.

For more information about how we can help during the Covid-19 crisis as well as preparing for the future beyond it, please contact…

Eileen Connolly 07809 435712       

Alan Thornton 07730 816996       

Sarah Gregory 07725 041862

We’re a communicative bunch and missing our daily interactions with colleagues and clients –so if you’d just like a chat or to share thoughts and ideas do call.

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