Five Ideas for Vacant Spaces

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With famous names disappearing from the high street at an alarming rate, vacant space is now a critical issue. There’s a need to maintain a positive stance with shoppers so that vacant units are seen as potential spaces for future growth rather than a sign of inevitable decline.

So we’ve come up with 5 ways to re-purpose them. From radical hoarding ideas to new uses that were previously unimagined. Why not challenge us to come up with something innovative for your empty spaces?

1 - Hoardings – only better

Hoardings don’t have to look apologetic, or uninspiring. We’ve developed a package of options that we can share with clients which range from inspiring to interactive; community-led to commercial.

2 - Alternative Uses

We’ve been working with a few clients who have broken out of the usual silo thinking resulting in more imaginative uses of empty space. From an in-mall luggage check-in desk for an airport to a local gin distillery. We can think differently about traditional space.

3 - Business start-ups

We’ve been working closely with Enterprise Nation to help local entrepreneurs take their start-up business into the retail environment for the first time. Working in tandem with Sook ( we’re seeing professionally equipped units taking over vacant space with community initiatives in quiet times and fee-generating commercial partners at busier times.

4 - Community Hubs

Rather than use an empty unit in an apologetic way for community activities, it’s worth making a more confident, positive stance, rebadging it as a Community Hub and offering it to community groups for social activities as lockdown is lifted.

In Bristol we developed a student business development opportunity. Working with a local college we offered a vacant unit to a student who won the space for 6 weeks over summer. They had to draft their business plan and submit it as part of their course to the Centre Manager and lecturer – a great community initiative.

5 - Gaming Centres and Child’s Play

We’ve had success transforming vacant units into gaming suites for families. Traditional board games proved to be a simple idea which appealed to families across all ages while children’s  interactive game graphics are a cost-effective way to enliven a space.

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