5 Ways to Stand Out on Social Media This Christmas

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If you’re using social media this Christmas, you might be wondering how to make your content stand out and capture your audience’s attention. With so many different brands competing to be seen online, it can be hard to create content that gets noticed – and ultimately shared – by the people who matter most to your business. But there are ways to do it; here are five tips to help you plan and schedule content that will truly stand out this Christmas on social media.

1) Leverage Video And Humour

According to a recent study, videos posted with humour get almost three times as many social shares than those without. Because we live in an age of short attention spans and constant distraction, engaging people is crucial—and there’s no better way than using humour. Try making your content both festive and fun for customers and they’ll be more likely to share it with friends and family.

2) Collaborate on Posts

If your business is trying to reach a new demographic audience, collaborate with other businesses that might be relevant for your ideal customers and share each other’s content. This way, you can expand your own audience and reach a wider range of potential customers at once. Social media is all about having fun; let it show through in your posts!

3) Engage Customers

These days, people expect a great experience across every social media channel. So ensure they get it, by planning and tracking last year’s peak season metrics,  to create new content calendars that capitalize on what you know works for your brand and customer base on each platform.

4) Take Inspiration From Last Year’s Peak Season

If you’re going for a seasonal theme, look at your stats from last year’s peak season. What was your most popular post? Did people respond well to certain content? Which posts got shared most? Did you use any specific types of media that worked particularly well? All these questions will give you ideas for how to spice up your current social media strategy.

5) Tell a heart-warming story

We’re sure you have an anecdote or two about your customers and their holiday experiences. Go ahead and use those warm fuzzy feelings as fuel for a story that could brighten someone else’s holidays. Sharing such stories is also a great way to help your audience feel connected to you and your brand—important when people are deciding whether or not they should be loyal customers for years to come.

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